Pet Birds For Beginners

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Introduction to pet birds and parrots for beginners. Find out what species you might be more suited for and some basic requirements of being a bird owner.
Choosing Your Bird: The Best Birds for Beginners. Canaries. The canary — among the most popular and varied pet birds in the world — is well known for his vocal talents and vibrant color. Finches. Budgies (Parakeets) Cockatiels. Quaker Parakeets. Poicephalus Parrots and Parrotlets. Pionus Parrots. Pyrrhura Conures.
If you're interested in adding a winged pet to your family, these breeds are perfect for new owners. Cockatiel. Mocha Pet. Originating in Australia, the cockatiel is the second most popular pet bird in the world. Pionus Parrot. Right Pet. Lovebirds. Love Your Parrot. Parrotlets. Love Your Parrot.
Like so many things in life, diving into bird ownership requires that you crawl before you walk, so to speak. If you're after an affectionate feathered companion, .
Dove. Size: 6-10 inches; Age range: 10-15 years; Unique traits: Quiet, gentle and companionable; a good family pet. Experience level: Beginner. Finch. Size: 4-8 .
A pet bird can make a wonderful addition to households, especially if there is. Parakeets are friendly and relatively easy to tame if obtained when young.
There are hundreds of pet birds to choose from, so it can be a bit difficult to make a choice if you're the first-time bird owner. That's why we decided to make a list.
If you're looking for a pet bird, but not sure what species, here you can search by what may be important to you: color, size, interaction etc. and find some good .